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Backed by science and guaranteed to work, Blowfish has a proven track record as an effective and profitable impulse item at check-out.Blowfish is a new over-the-counter remedy that claims to cure hangover symptoms in just 15 to 30 minutes.

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Blowfish tablets are dropped into a glass of water and dissolve into a mixture that tastes like Gatorade and Powerade had sex and made a tasty baby.

While there is no certified hangover cure currently, there are things you can do to avoid one or alleviate the symptoms.Blowfish addresses multiple hangover symptoms at once: headache, upset stomach and fatigue.Simply adding two tablets to a glass of water will give people the support the need to minimize headaches, cloudy thinking, and even reduce nausea.HuffPost Food gave a few of them a try to see if they might provide some succor this New Years.Blowfish is a new remedy that is an FDA regulated drug specifically designed to treat the major symptoms of a hangover, with effervescent tablets that are dissolved in water and taken the morning after a big night out.Lucky for the typical holiday party-goer (and college students everywhere), a woman named Brenna.

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Blowfish claims the effervescence both protects your stomach and allows the product to enter your system much quicker than an ordinary pill or tablet.

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Do not exceed 8 tablets of Blowfish for Hangovers in a 24-hour period.

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The effervescent formulation means it works twice as fast as regular pain relief pills and is much more gentle on your stomach than coffee.

You drop two tablets the morning after with a glass of water.

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TREATS HANGOVER HEADACHES FAST - The maximum strength aspirin in Blowfish eases the pain of the hangover headache, and the effervescent delivery method gets.

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The company states their product aims to reduce the bad health effects of alcohol consumption in a safe, effective, and socially responsible manner.

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For adults 60 years old and over, do not exceed 4 tablets in 24 hours.Legend has it that the drug - called RU-21 after the American legal drinking age - was created accidentally by the.Aspirin and caffeine are recognized by the FDA as safe and effective at treating the symptoms associated with a hangover.Blowfish addresses multiple hangover symptoms at once - a headache, upset stomach, and fatigue.The effervescent tablets rapidly deliver maximum-strength pain reliever and pharmaceutical-grade caffeine to your hurting body, while being gentle on your stomach.Pain reliever and alertness aid specifically designed to treat hangovers.

A two-tablet dose of Blowfish (which is what the makers recommend for a typical hangover) contains 1,000 milligrams of aspirin and 120 milligrams of caffeine, which are equivalent of two extra strength aspirin and three shots of espresso.Blowfish for Hangovers Blowfish helps you get over a hangover fast with effervescent tablets that you take when you wake up to get back on track in minutes. hangovers, hangover, hangover pill, hangover pills, blowfish hangover, blowfish hangovers,.Blowfish Tablets offer quick hangover relief by rapidly delivering pain medication and caffeine leaving people more awake and functioning despite heavy drinking the night before.

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It contains a gram of Aspirin, 120mg of caffeine, and 2 tablets of Antacid, so theoretically it will take care of your headache, your stomachache, and your drastically depleted energy supply all in one little pill.

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Later this year Britain will see its first anti-hangover pill hit the shelves.An Alka-Seltzer-like tablet that claims to cure hangovers is set to hit New York City drug stores in January.

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The holidays are a time to spend with family, relax, and perhaps even indulge in a few cocktails.

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It was one painful morning after a particularly amazing night out that New Yorker Brenna Haysom started thinking about cures for the most common of ailments — the dreaded hangover.

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